TCI C4 Transmission Upgrades

Every TCI C4 goes through an intensive Triple Testing process before being shipped out for shipping, which includes hydraulic pressure testing of its valve body, case fill, and dyno testing.

Details make all the difference when building a street or weekend race C4. Below are a few key considerations that will ensure its success.

TCI C4 Transmission Upgrades


TCI’s StreetFighter 700R4 automatic transmissions are specifically tailored for performance-minded cars or trucks that demand reliable performance transmissions, capable of handling 350-525 horsepower with either manual or auto shift capabilities. They are rated to withstand an aggressive throttle input range between 1-2.5 G.

The stock OE 700R4 earned itself a bad rap as being susceptible to overheating and shifting issues, usually caused by improper adjustment of throttle valve cable (TV Cable). Shifting issues often occurred due to inadequate or inappropriate shift kits.

TCI upgraded their 700R4 by installing heavy duty hard parts and an improved stall converter that provides up to 1500 more rpm stall than its stock unit, creating an upgrade capable of keeping pace with today’s muscle cars and trucks.

Internal components are treated cryogenically to significantly strengthen them. Furthermore, high performance clutches and bands built to last are installed, with TCI’s legendary triple testing guarantee backing their durability. All these upgrades make the StreetFighter an excellent choice for today’s high horsepower street machines.

TCI C4 Transmission Upgrades


Truth be told, even top-performing engines need support from strong transmissions in order to reach maximum performance. The ideal way to maximize results and achieve optimal performance is investing in a transmission designed and tailored specifically for your application.

JEGS offers an impressive selection of high-performance VW IRS units designed to handle higher horsepower and rougher usage. Each remanufactured VW transmission undergoes cleaning, inspection, rebuilding and testing so as to meet your vehicle’s specifications – adding such an option can reduce stress and frustration by helping prevent unexpected breakdowns on the roadside.

Gearstar’s high-performance transmissions are engineered, built, and assembled by one master technician using only premium parts sourced directly from suppliers.

Each transmission is tailored precisely to match torque, rear gear ratio, horsepower specs of its engine it was created for, as well as receiving an extensive dyno test before they are put through their paces on track.

TCI C4 Transmission Upgrades


Subaru’s symmetrical AWD system is already impressive; adding 4wd Low Range gearing significantly lowers gear speeds and provides an efficient engine brake to tackle steep hills. When combined with manual transmission capability, these upgrades offer unparalleled off-road capability.

Early automatic transmissions such as General Motors’ 1940-1964 Hydra-Matic featured dual range designation on their shift indicator lever (P for Park, R for Reverse, N for Neutral with big dot and small green dot marking 1 or L for first gear), often leading to confusion as drivers struggled to know which ‘dot’ to press in order to shift into Drive gear.

To engage high-range gearing, the driver must manually move the shift lever to its upper position with considerable effort and time – something which may be difficult in an emergency situation. To verify this shift lever is in its proper gear position, they should run their engine while trying to move their vehicle before running their engine again and making any further attempts at movement.

TCI C4 Transmission Upgrades


Harbin Your vehicle’s transmission takes power generated by your engine and applies it to move your car at a specific speed. Some drivers prefer manual transmissions with physical gear-shifting using clutch pedal and shift knob, while other prefer the smoothness of automatic transmissions that shift automatically based on pre-programmed RPM ranges.

TCI’s C4 transmission features a six-pinion planetary kit to reduce drag that saps horsepower from your engine, 26-spline case fills, billet intermediate servo assemblies and 300M input shafts for smooth performance. A deep aluminum pan equipped with magnetic drain plug and fluid pickup extension prevents fluid starvation issues in high RPM applications.

TCI transmissions and torque converters are factory blueprinted, inspected and dyno tested to ensure maximum quality. Their chrome-plated Red Eagle clutches feature Kolene treatment to increase strength, thrust capacity and line pressure for firmer shifts.

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