Used C4 Transmission For Sale

Used c4 transmissions are an increasingly popular choice among hot rodders and restoration enthusiasts. Their versatility means they’re suitable for many engines – small block as well as big block – making them suitable for many vehicles on both ends.

Ford learned from its experiences with BorgWarner 2-speed automatic and created their C4 3-speed Cruise-O-Matic in 1964, featuring an innovative Simpson compound planetary gear set which would become industry standard over time.

Used C4 Transmission For Sale

Rebuilt C4s

Many Mustang owners have upgraded from heavy Ford-O-Matic transmissions with rebuilt C4 three-speed auto dynamos for greater engine power management and simplified, compact performance. Ideal for Mustang, Cougar, Fairlane and Thunderbird models featuring state-of-the-art Simpson compound planetary gear sets which can handle wide variations in engine horsepower levels.

Hot rodders and racers alike often choose purely mechanical transmissions without electronic controls because of their simplicity and lower cost; often cores can be purchased for significantly less than rebuilding of modern overdrive automatics.

Ford began manufacturing C4s at its Sharonville, Ohio facility in 1964 for use behind FE and MEL big-block V-8 engines. A C5 Select-Shift was added in 1982 for improved fuel economy but it essentially consisted of an upgraded C4 with lockup torque converter. Later came the C6 for 385 series engines (429/460 big blocks), featuring more durable cases and superior oil circuits as well as pan-fill and case-fill versions featuring either 157 or 164 tooth flexplates; one for small block engines (351W/351C), featuring 148 tooth flexplates was released as well.

Used C4 Transmission For Sale

Performance C4s

Compared to its heavier Ford-O-Matic predecessor, the C4 is relatively lightweight as its aluminum case and Simpson compound planetary gear set ensure lightweight operation. Originally intended for inline six cylinder engines and small V8s up to 351M raised-deck Windsor or Cleveland small blocks; Ford also released a heavy- duty version in 1966 for use behind larger displacement FE and MEL big blocks.

The C4 was manufactured at Ford Sharonville plant in Ohio from 1964 through 1981 and available with either pan-fill or case-fill configurations with either 157-tooth or 164-tooth flexplates, as well as Dual Range features (a dual driving range dependent upon shifter position).

Nowadays, modified C4s are immensely popular with hot rodders and racers as they’re relatively cost-effective and straightforward to  build.  While  lacking overdriven gears or lockup torque converters that modern automatics rely upon for fuel economy purposes, modified C4s offer reliable performance as they’re easier to tune than many newer cars.

Used C4 Transmission For Sale

C4 Parts

No matter if you need a C4 performance-rated unit or an old-school pan-fill unit, Performance Automatic offers several choices to meet your specific requirements. Their upgrades include racing clutches, premium bands and hardened input shafts – everything needed to accommodate various horsepower levels in stock, modified or big block applications.

Ford produced its C4 longitudinal three-speed automatic from 1964 until 1981, replacing their two-speed Ford-O-Matic transmission. Utilizing a Simpson planetary gearset, this lightweight transmission weighed just 130 pounds dry (without fluid and torque converter) with its aluminum case.

It featured a 0.739-inch input shaft with 24 splines on the clutch hub and 26 on the torque converter side, making it popular with hot rodders, restorers, and modifiers as it was easy to work on and upgrade compared to modern overdrive transmissions with electronic controls.

Used C4 Transmission For Sale

C4 Repair

The C4 comes equipped with an attractive five-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty and roadside assistance package, along with 18″ “Aeroblade” alloy wheels (complete with space saver spare), power folding side mirrors and puddle lights – not forgetting its $690 panoramic sunroof and “Pulse Orange” paint job as seen on my test car!

It is easy to see why the C4 is popular among hot rodders and drag racers alike. Its three-speed automatic transmission makes maintenance simple for enthusiasts while its lightweight components help reduce vehicle weight overall.

Safety-wise, the C4 offers lane departure warning and high-beam assist but falls short in its more advanced features such as adaptive cruise control with stop/go functionality or steering assist with emergency braking. However, it does come equipped with a reverse camera, parking sensors, hill start assist and tyre pressure monitoring – its toggle-switch gear selector quickly becoming second nature after just a few drives; though less intuitive than an Audi Ur-quattro or even that seen driving around Paris in Le Grand Rendez-Vous but effective nonetheless.

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